Don’t cheap out on part when building or upgrading!

I’ve never really checked what was inside my computer when i bought it a couple of years ago. Got an awful data lost on one of the hard drive (it’s not that bad 99.9% is on a backup ( power supply of the backup machine is kaput 🙁 ) )

I thought I was stuck with the infamous Seagate 7200.10 hard drive problem that some people had, already had one fail on my a few month ago, so it was easy to point the finger at this again. But that all the pictures on a disk got corrupted all at the same was a bit weird. Looked like it was an overheat problem but the cooling system was o.k.

Finally did a full system test yesterday and one of the memory dimm is gone banada, problem is that it went undetected by the system. If I had ECC dimm instead that would not have gone unnoticed!

So having a Raid 1 setup because you don’t trust you disks is one thing, but if you memory is corrupted on the motherboard it’ll will write crazy stuff to the array anyway and corrupt stuff.

A chain is a good as it’s weakest link they said! It’s true!

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