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shameless plug

I have decided to spawn my photography stuff into a new blog and keeping this one exclusively for tech, it does not mean that I will never talk imagery, but will probably be more about the hardware/software than the picture taking itself. So feel free to visit: http://photo.ennev.net/ Thanks to wordpress multi-site features 🙂


The migration of ennev.com to a different host wasn’t too painful. It’s more lacking time this weekend to really play with it that made this outage long. But really, i think that what worked faster to get everything back like it was was to copy file to file every thing from the old host, then…

WordPress impressions (take 2)

So this is strike 2. Was editing my document before with an on line editor and it had to fail. Bye bye long post. Was basically describing my experience so far with the WordPress platform and self hosting my blog instead of relying on blog services like blogger, LiveJournal, vox etc. For years (like 2003)…

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