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I meant to share theses articles a while ago, but life being what it is I’m going to bundle in a single post. I believe that being in space is important, some will say it divert energy and resources that could be used for more important things, like what? War? What is spent on war…

NASA’s Scrubbed Escape Pod Glides to New Home

To the future and ……. …… The museum? NASA’s Scrubbed Escape Pod Glides to New Home NASA’s cute, wingless escape pod for the International Space Station, which was in development until 2002, finally has a home. Sadly, it’s not in space, but in Ashland, Nebraska at the Strategic Air and Space Museum.

The new hitchhiker guide to the galaxy?

From Yahoo news: Astronaut Class of 2009 Has No Spaceship WASHINGTON – Nearly five decades after announcing the seven original Mercury astronauts, NASA is again set to reveal a new class of spaceflyers. But the 2009 astronaut class will be the first in nearly 30 years that will enter training without the prospect of flying…

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