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It’s a zombie Jim?

Got the 10$ used power supply I was talking about in my last post at Dantech. Actually the power supply was of a better design than the original one. After the scare of having lost an hard drive, which was nothing because it was simply unplugged. So everything is fine, no damage! Almost a miracle,…

Nostalgia 09-09-09

09-09-09 was famous for another thing 10 years ago!! And it wasn’t about the Beatles (now that i think of it, I don’t remember anything special about the Beatles back then) Today 10 years ago was the release of the Sega Dreamcast. It was released on the market almost a year before the PlayStation 2.…

The end of an era

Wasn’t my first experience with a webpresence, but in the late 90’s that where i was hosting my realaudio stream before podcasting was invented. I’ll miss you GeoCities. It was really Internet to the people. In a time where we where more producers than consumers. CNET: Now closing: GeoCites, a relic of Web’s early days

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