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Telus want you to use your unlocked phone with them

I was cheking for new products and rates on thiers site and found this : Telus’ Sim Card This is a great move from Telus, being open to unlocked phone will certainly help to kick innovation in this sector in Canada. Now it will be interesting to see if others player in Canada will follow.

Another gadget that will be thedered to a mobile phone tower

And another monthly bill for you! Do we really need a super sized iPhone? Not me! On gizmodo: Orange Chief Confirms Apple Tablet With Built-In Webcam [Blockquote] “Oui.” That’s what Stéphane Richard—Orange’s Chief Executive Officer Delegate—answered to French journalist Jean Pierre Elkabbach on radio Europe 1, when asked about the imminent launch of the Apple…

Chapters is doing ebook too

The Canadian book will not miss this train and will be selling book too. I’ll come back to you with more information about the format they will be using. At the first glance the title available look a lot like & Barnes & Noble

Can Zune HD topple the iPod touch?

I think It would do even better if it was called Xbox portable! Can Zune HD topple the iPod touch? Microsoft is having a hard time breaking into the portable media player market, but can the combination of the Zune HD, along with undercutting Apple be what finally works? by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Apple planning Sept. music event; No hint of a tablet

Maybe it’s for that new type of digital album thinghy! Report: Apple planning Sept. music event; No hint of a tablet Apple is reportedly preparing for a big media event early next month and it appears that whatever the company has to offer will have something to do with music. Techmeme All Things Digital’s Peter…

Retro Gift

T got me a nice little surprise yesterday 🙂 It made out of real wood and the sound is very decent. It’s really something hybrid, it does play vinyl but there is also a table player. Classic so far? yep, but where it get interesting it’s that the CD player is actually not really a…

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