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Android malware pandemic by year’s end

Interesting news article from Cnet. I guess this risk is bound to happen to any open environment. Maybe instead of an approval system for apps we could instead have a developer registration program, this way you know at which door to knock if there is problem. Security firm: Android malware pandemic by year’s end Trend…

What does it have to do with nuclear?

Why for some everything end up an excuse for violence, you want to get rid of nuclear so you destroy an hospital? Anti-nuclear mob ransacks hospital in India A mob opposing a government plan to build a nuclear plant in the western Indian state of Maharashtra ransacks a hospital and sets buses on fire during…

Tories reintroduce ISP intercept bill

Tories reintroduce ISP intercept bill The federal Conservatives have reintroduced legislation that would allow police and intelligence officials to intercept online communications and get personal information from internet service providers about their subscribers without first obtaining a warrant.

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