Is Apple going to far this time?

I never smoked in my life, don’t intent to. But I really think it’s pushing thing too far?
What’s next?
I agree that smoking is not good for your health. But I just think that most producer or hardware are chicken and any reason to invalidate the warranty is good for them, what about cooking smoke? you have a fireplace at home producing some some? bad too?
Apple says and it’s fan too that they are the best made computer you can get! But now they are suddenly vulnerable to smoke? Why older model are not also plagued buy it? Weird that it’s a problem now when the number of smoker is at it’s lowest! hum!
Maybe next time that warranty will be void because the location where you used it wasn’t fengshui?
Here’s the article on  ZDNET about this:

Apple to smokers: butt out or void your warranty
Smokers beware: Apple has begun denying warranty coverage on Macs that have been exposed to smoke. Even those covered under Apple’s expensive extended warranty program. by Jason D. O’Grady

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  1. 200911.26 at 09:56

    The first case involved a Mid-2007 MacBook under APP that was brought to the Jordan Creek Apple Store in West Des Moines, Iowa, for overheating. Apple voided the warranty because the computer was used in a house where there was smoking. It also refused to work on the machine due to the “health risks of second hand smoke.”

    Another case involved an iMac under APP that Apple refused to work on because it was deemed “contaminated” by tobacco smoke and and considered a “bio-hazard.”

    Now that’s a tad ridiculous. Especially when they can wear gloves and a white mask, like those you wear in the doctor’s office if you have the flu.

    And you can’t get “second hand smoke” from an inanimate object that isn’t smoking!

    It’s just an excuse to void the warranty. While they’re doing that they’re probably getting a good strong whiff of perfume that their coworker might be wearing.

    Which can’t be healthy for all people.

  2. 200911.27 at 13:20

    Totally agree with you, just a scam to void warranty.

    Apple having a next to godhood status I guess they can do whatever they want nowadays.

    Just hate some people drinking the cool-aid and now sawing that it’s a good thing because it will make people stop smoking!

    long time ago freedom meant something!

    Chanel #5 is “bio-hazard.”? sometime I think so 🙂

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