An old classic back to life

LOTGDI wonder if in the old days of bbs’ if you played the game known as LORD (Legend of the red dragon). Apart that it was text based it had quite some dept and with it’s add-on capability game where different from a board to another.

Well an open source project “Legend of the green dragon” created a php/mysql inspired version.

Out of curiosity I’ve installed one myself on my host.

Wanna try it? :

if you want to know more about the game:

4 comments for “An old classic back to life

  1. 200908.03 at 00:15

    I love it. I want a new user name though so I’m going to create another character.

    • 200908.03 at 09:30

      I think that basically you can create as many characters as you want, I didn’t block that I think.

      Or you want to rename your character?

  2. 200908.04 at 13:02

    Hey =)

    Yeah I was wanting a new user name but I had already used Hypatia, so I thought I’d create a new character, but it wouldn’t let me and I think it was because I used the same email address. But it was so fun playing that I didn’t care and continued playing.

    Fun as hell! I love it.

    How customizable is it? Was it hard to set up? What a cool idea.

    • 200908.04 at 13:43

      For a rename you can ask me, i can do it. I’ve also removed the limitation of only one character per email, so if you want to try another persona go ahead 🙂

      It’s not very hard to setup, kind of like wordpress in some ways. what is not obvious when you download the kit is that there is also another file the “core modules” the game work without them but the core add cities and more activities in the game.

      Very very very fun 🙂

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