Doctor Who: Series 10 Confirmed

And that’s a good news. Check the article :

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Pluto: How things will happen

This is how thing should proceed :

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CEO Tim Cook to donate entire fortune to charity

How about them apples: CEO Tim Cook to donate entire…

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Mars One! Will it happen ever ?

Will Mars One Really Make It? By Amy Shira Teitel

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Have scientists solved a cosmic mystery and found first sign of Dark Matter?

Have scientists solved a cosmic mystery and found first sign…

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Skylab 2

Russia delays decision on using ISS after 2020

Would be sad to not have low orbit permanently occupy…

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Retro Radio like T got us

No one has a platinum album in 2014

For me the question is not is it because of…

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chill ! !

Some relaxing music :

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Music time ?

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Can Aspirin treat breast cancer?

I haven’t tried Flipboard in a while and I’ve stumbled…

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